Coaching for New Managers

Going into management is one of those decisions that is always a very personal journey for the new manager themselves.

When I speak to new managers or those considering the move, the primary concern is making sure this move is what they want, and that they’re aware of why they want to do it. There’s always a certain degree of pressure associated with the move; either directly or though expectation from leadership, or FOMO about turning the role down. Like many career decisions, there’s no right answer for everyone, the answer needs to come from you.

If you’re considering management, this may be something we can cover in one or two sessions; I can help with working with you through your own values and aspirations, and can give some practical advice on resources, books, articles on this area. I can also provide a neutral voice on what the challenges and rewards of management as a career can be; this is all aimed toward giving you more confidence on the decision you eventually make.

If you’re a new manager, the engagement is more in-depth. Guided of course by your own desires in where you want to develop, we can cover subjects including:

  • Being You; Being a genuine leader, working with empathy and the right balance of business necessity and your own personal style.
  • Personal Branding; having your team know your mind on things, tools and techniques for scaling and triaging your own time.
  • Managing Friends; A new manager often finds themselves managing people who used to be peers. Work through this situation, preserving the right things about the personal relationship.
  • Working your Corner; Work through possible approaches to partnerships with other teams, managers and leadership you work with. Representing and defending your team while being a good, flexible partner.

…and so forth. These are only some of the things we can work on, as examples. Per the Coaching Approach, what is covered is driven by you.