Coaching for Executives

Executive coaching is often seen as a pre-requisite to being a successful Exec; folks at this career stage often have their own ‘personal board of directors’ figured out, and lean on a variety of folks to drive their own success. A regular engagement with a coach is often a key part of that.

For folks that are new to the role, or want to work on something specific around a change to their role or the situation around them, a coaching engagement to figure out the new normal and their approach to it can be invaluable. Even getting a new manager, a reduction in force, or a re-org can trigger the need to work through what your approach to it will be, what matters most to you, and where you want to go with that.

Outside of change and larger developments, having a regular check-in with a third-party coach can work wonders for keeping perspective. The life of an executive can be a little isolated, and a little (or a lot) uncertain. Having an outlet for taking the broader view of where you want to go and how you want to get there can have huge outcomes in how you approach your work, your style and where you direct your efforts.

Whatever the nature of the engagement, I can work with the sponsor and client to figure out a good cadence and set of outcomes.