I provide a hybrid Coaching and Mentoring engagement for Engineering leaders (IC and management) and teams at all levels.

For more on that this means, see Dave’s Coaching Approach and What to Expect. There’s also a FAQ.

I have over 15 years experience managing, coaching and influencing Technical Leaders, Managers and Executives of all levels, from people new to the tech industry, to CEOs. I maintain a more complete profile on my personal log. My key areas of interest are in development of principled and happy leaders and managers, as well as teams that work well together, often spanning many time zones and points of view.

Individual Engagements

Some examples of Coaching Engagements I’m available for include:

  • Management Journeys - For those who are considering going into management, are new to management and developing their style, or are in either situation and aren’t sure it’s for them.

  • Technical Lead/Staff Engineer Development - Going into Technical Leadership, or developing along that career path can be daunting and fraught with Mandatory Opportunities. Gain some tools and insight into what your own aspirations are, and specific advice on successful leadership by influence.

  • Executive Coaching - I will work with the individual (and/or their sponsor) to identify where they’d like to develop or grow, and provide coaching toward these goals, as well as specific advice (see my coaching approach page for more).

Team Engagements

Team engagements, by their nature, tend to be quite bespoke. It’s often better to work with the team leadership to drive change via their existing relationship with the team.

I am happy to work with pairs of leaders or smaller groups that represent the leadership of a larger team, and facilitate Adult Conversations about change, or other desirable outcomes. I’ve developed a number of methods and frameworks for team summits, leadership conversations, and other crucial conversations that may be of help; please reach out and we can schedule an exploratory chat.

I am particularly familiar with teams that work across time zones, and teams that have an operational aspect, be it on-call, incident command or daily operations. I led SRE teams at Google across many time zones (mostly between Dublin and Bay Area, but also NYC, Australia and India).

If you feel like the engagement you’d like might be a little more hands-on (i.e. you’d like to hire me for a while), drop me a line or visit my consulting website.